Krisztian Shom (in Hungary Som Krisztián) (born 25 May 1975) is an award-winning Hungarian music composer and producer of music for films and for mainstream music. He has composed music and produced sound for over 100 productions with more than 1000 compositions in the past 25 years, including films, TV-series, music bands, commercials, navigation systems, etc.

Shom is living and working in Budapest, Hungary (EU). He is well known in his country as the composer and producer of the music for the most famous production in Hungary: the daily TV-series 'Baratok kozt' on Hungarian RTL since 1997.

His works are notable for integrating unique electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements in his film score and professional pop music in the mainstream. He also plays a role as a singer and musician in his works.

You can listen to his music here.