Alexander Nevsky - animated fantasy movie project - WORK IN PROGRESS

Composed scores for the fantasy movie I'm working on.

The story based upon the great victory of Alexander Nevsky who faced the enemy on the ice of the Lake Peipus and defeated the German knights and Estonian infantry during the Battle of the Ice on 5 April 1242.

A Fox's Tale (2008) - animated adventure/family movie - CINEMA and DVD

Composed, arranged, performed and produced all the scores, the opening and the ending title songs. Deadline was two months.

Little Vuk is a young fox living happily with his family in the woods, but everything changes when his father is captured by a circus troupe in order to be part of their show. The rest of the animals from the wood will share the same destiny. With the help from a nature-loving disabled boy in a wheelchair and a young acrobat girl, Little Jack will try to rescue the animals.

Baratok kozt (1997-PRESENT) - family/drama daily TV series - RTL HUNGARY

Composing, arranging, performing and producing all the scores and the opening title song. Working on five episodes in a week since 1997! Deadline for a score is maximum one hour.

The most famous production in Hungary: the daily TV-series 'Baratok kozt' on Hungarian RTL since 1997 with millions of TV viewers.

SID (2003) - pop/rock band

Arranged, performed and produced songs for the band from the beginning to the end. Working on four tracks in the studio for a month as the sound engineer, director of sound, composer, arranger and performer of the production.